Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I have a few things I just feel like I should tell to someone but I don’t know anyone specific to say these things to…so hi tumblr.

1) Wow hey, so Team by Lorde and Stay Away From My Friends by Pierce the Veil. I’ve had a playlist consisting solely of those two tracks on repeat for the past few days. Very different feels, but super into ‘em both at this ,moment.

2) Bribry and Candace made an absolutely perfect cover of Team which I’ve also listened to a fair bit. Definitely check it out and if you have already…again! They’re lovely and talented and their cover makes me quite happy.

3) I’m so nervous right now, wow. This is craaaazy. I’m literally shaking and breathless. (It’s orientation for my new job today….ahhhhhhhhhhh. But soon I will have money! Which could be nice…)

4) I either feel like dressing very brightly and stereotypically feminine to the extreme lately or in a lot of black and very punk rock. It’s always one extreme or the other.

6) I want to go on a long walk and get lost with my iPod and camera for a couple hours because that, I think, would be quite nice.

7) I didn’t actually have much to say…

Farewell friends, stay positive.

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Christiania, Denmark

I just want a cute boy to go with me to Warped, sigh.

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I just want to go to Warped, even if I have to go by myself, sigh.

Well I mean actually company could be nice, I wouldn’t reject it if someone wanted to go….

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